Climate-Alliance Germany

Global Climate Day of Action

The Global Climate Day of Action is one of the most important opportunities for the public in Germany to take action towards climate protection and together with tens of thousands worldwide exert pressure for stringent climate protection action. The Global Climate Action Day has been taking place annually since 2005, always timed to the UN climate conference at the beginning of December.

Since 2007 the protests have been led by the climate-alliance germany. In 2009 the climate-alliance called to the government for contributing actively to a success at the international climate summit in Copenhagen two days before it began. A huge “aquarium” was put up in front of the Brandenburg Gate and a negotiating session of the climate summit was acted out inside it with the governors being up to their necks in water.

Since 2010 the international campaign calls for action every year in autumn. In 2010 the climate-alliance germany helped to promote the global work party on climate change 10/10/10 in Germany. 10/10/10 was a big success with more than 7.300 events in over 188 countries.

In 2011 the climate-alliance coordinated the events on September 24, the day of the “Moving Planet”. We organized a day to move the world beyond fossil fuels! More on and

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