Climate-Alliance Germany

Climate-Alliance Germany

Court rejects restart of Italian Vado Ligure coal plant

(SeeNews) – Apr 28, 2014 – Savona’s preliminary investigation magistrate Fiorenza Giorgi has dismissed the request of Italian electricity producer Tirreno Power to release two seized coal-fired generators at the Vado Ligure power plant.

Two weeks ago Tirreno Power asked the court to temporarily relaunch the VL3 and VL4 generation units — under seizure since March 11, 2014 — in order to process the remaining 180,000 tonnes of coal, thus avoiding the risk of oxidation. Savona prosecutors Francantonio Granero and Chiara Maria Paolucci rejected last week Tirreno Power’s appeal and magistrate Giorgi, who had ordered shut the units over environmental woes, had to either confirm or overturn the ruling.

In March, an Italian judge ordered Tirreno Power to shutdown two units of Vado Ligure plant because it was responsible for hundreds of deaths.

Source: SeeNews
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