Climate-Alliance Germany

Central Calls

Central calls to national policy-makers

Long-term and responsible policy means that German has to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020 – based on 1990 levels. Business needs clear, long-term and binding political framework conditions to achieve these goals. A coherent response to climate change will be economic by creating sustainable jobs and avoiding climate change induced losses. [More Information]

Background information on the EU climate package

In December 2008 the European Union passed a climate package that fell very short of expectations and requirements. The German government and particularly chancellor Merkel were involved in the process of watering down of the original standards. [More Information]

Central calls of the Climate-Alliance Germany to international climate politics

Industrialised countries are historically responsible for a development which ignores the planet’s ecological limits in order to secure short-term financial benefits and a resource-intensive lifestyle. Therefore, according to the polluter pays principle, those countries, corporations and consumers most responsible for climate change have to pay for climate change induced damages and the cost of adaptation to climate change in the particularly vulnerable developing countries. [More Information]