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Broad coalition from society against new coal power stations

The planning of new coal power stations is one of the greatest challenges for German climate and energy policy. If we fail at avoiding the climate-destructive coal plans of energy corporations and public utility supplier we will be faced with a high-emissions electricity production for decades. This would make climate targets unattainable and the urgently necessary development of renewables would be seriously undermined.

Freezing plans for new coal power stations

The Climate-Alliance Germany therefore demands a freeze on all plans for new coal power stations and has turned legal, economic and societal examination of the commercial exploitation of coal into a focus of its work.

A campaign office with two paid employees has been established in order to strengthen the protest against new coal power stations locally and federally. The work of the campaign office is carried out in coordination with citizens’ groups and organisations all over Germany.

Please find further information on the subject of coal power stations and protest against them on (in German).

The Climate-Alliance Germany has created a new portal for information, where all the information around coal policy of the communal energy suppliers and corresponding protest are collected. 22 coal power stations are currently being planned or are already in the process of construction in Germany. This is more than in any other European country. The new website enables citizens but also cities and communities to find information on communal energy suppliers involved, citizens’ initiatives and protesting actions:

Tour 2010: Dirty coal for German coal power stations?

Columbia is number five in the list of countries exporting black coal and the second-biggest supplier for German power stations. In 2010 more than eight million tons of Columbian coal will probably have been burned in Germany. The coal is almost exclusively from the exploitation sites of transnational conglomerates in the Columbian regions La Guajìra and Cesár. Current main buyer is the energy company E.ON, but Trianel, GKM in Mannheim, RWE and Vattenfall are already being supplied with coal or have signed option contracts.

A little known fact is that the exploitation of coal destroys ecologically sensitive areas in the exploitation regions and leads to huge human rights issues. At the same time new coal power stations are built in Germany, which will further accelerate demand for imported coal and undermine further development of renewables. German climate targets are already becoming unattainable due to those coal power stations that are currently in the building stage, any further coal power station would worsen the situation.

Together with FIAN the Climate-Alliance Germany therefore invited two people who are directly affected by the German coal policy to Germany in November 2010. Jairo Fuentes Epiayu is the communal spokesperson of the indigenous community Tamaquitos and Alfredo Tovar is a board member of the coal workers’ union Sintramienergetica. During their tour they reported on the impact of coal exploitation in their home country.

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