Climate-Alliance Germany

Why do we need a strong alliance?

The Federal Government of Germany gives the public the impression that it has already contributed substantially to limiting global climate change. Although it has lowered its CO2 emission levels by more than 18% since 1990, around half of this reduction is due to the collapse of the East German industry after reunification.

On closer examination, climate policies of the government are characterised by many contradictions, which are undermining its own climate change credentials. For example, it announces that Germany will decrease by 40% greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, but at the same time the government supports the construction of new coal power stations, which will be in operation for the next 40 to 50 years. In comparison to other fossil fuel energy sources, coal burning emits a lot of CO2. Making vehicle tax based on CO2 emissions, without abolishing tax benefits for large gas-guzzling company cars, is as inconsistent. Many more inconsistencies could be named!

The need to tackle the climate change

Since the publication of the IPCC Assessment Report (IPCC = Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), it has become clear that we cannot prevent climate change only limit it. The Stern-Review on the Economics of Climate Change has furthermore highlighted that the cost for mitigating climate change (to the extent it is possible) are outweighed by far by cost of non-action. Currently, the per-capita output of carbon dioxide in Germany amounts to two and a half times the worldwide average, pointing strongly to the necessity for politicians to dismiss coherent long-term conditions in achieving the necessary lowering of the CO2 emissions. With the construction of new coal-fired power plants and the current climate packages put forward, this climate target will not be reached.

Applying pressure to key decisions makers

With this in mind, the Climate-Alliance Germany has picked the deficiencies of the German government’s climate and energy policies as a central theme, with the aim of pushing for public debates and applying pressure to key decision makers. The Climate-Alliance brings people together to take joint action and to highlight that climate protection is a real concern of mainstream society.


The Climate-Alliance Germany is funded by membership fees and project money. For example, the campaign against coal is financed by a contribution from the European Climate Foundation.

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