Climate-Alliance Germany

Who are we?

Together we can achieve more!

Climate change, which we now know is affecting both nature and human society, presents us with an enormous challenge. More than 110 organisations are members of the Climate-Alliance Germany, not only environmental or development groups, but also churches, trade unions and consumer associations. As a big industrial nation, Germany has emitted an above-average per-capita output of CO2, thereby decisively contributing to global warming. Germany must decrease its CO2 emission levels by 40% based on 1990 levels by 2020. This is necessary to meet the worldwide minimum target of limiting global warming to CO2. Over and above this, on the basis of the polluter-pays-principle, Germany should bear the costs of climate change damage and adaptation measures, particularly in affected developing countries.

Despite the fact that urgent action is needed, short-sighted vested interests, continue to block climate policies. The Climate-Alliance Germany has been established as a broad alliance in order to counterbalance profit and power interests of the many players within the economic and political establishment of Germany and to channel and apply public pressure in order to overcome these blockades in climate politics. The spectrum of members of the Climate-Alliance includes:

  • Churches
  • Development organisations
  • Environmental organisations
  • Trade unions
  • Consumer protection organisations
  • Youth associations
  • and other groupings

A full list of members can be found here.
The office is located in Berlin, Marienstrasse 19-20, D-10117 Berlin, phone +49-30-6781 775 72.